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Halloween Weekend @ Bowie's Nashville

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

One of our favorite times of the year is almost upon us! Talking about Halloween, of course! Bowie's Nashville has you set up with some great shows leading to an all-out bash on Halloween night. Drinks will be flowing and good food will be consumed! For the full details on the lineup, check below.

October 29

To start our Halloween weekend off, we'll have Northern Runaways (our Jam Night house band), followed by a tribute to Alice Cooper: Alice Unleased, and finishing the night will be none other than Contagan.


October 30

Keeping those spooky good vibes alive and well, we will have Evan Lee & Friends for our early show, Ashes to Omens starting at 6pm, and finishing the night out will be everyone's favorite - Loose Lips!

Loose Lips

October 31

Then, to close out our scary good weekend, we're hosting Coco & the Nash Bash, plus MONSTERS for our ROCK-O-WEEN PARTY! Costume contest, prizes, drink specials, and special guests. It's all the ingredients you need to make your Halloween this year a haunting good time. Don't ghost, be here!

Coco & the Nash Bash

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