JAM NIGHT @ Bowie's Nashville

Your dream of playing a Nashville stage has finally come true! Each Wednesday, Jam Night at Bowie's Nashville invites everyone who can play a rift, sing a tune, or lay down a bassline to perform on stage. For real! 

Here's what you need to do now: 

  • Mike Guy is the ringleader for Jam Night. He plays bass for the house band. Find him upon arrival and he will ensure you play.

  • Start practicing and be ready to play the song of your choice with a professional band on a Music City stage. You might want to bring some sunglasses as those spotlights can be bright!

  • Tell your friends! We want Jam Night to become an awesome experience for both jammers and patrons. Tell your mom, tell her friends, tell your ex, tell everyone! Well, in hindsight, maybe not your ex. 

Let's rock out, TOGETHER!