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At Bowie's Nashville, amidst the rhinestones and honky-tonks on Lower Broadway, screams of shredding guitar licks and the thunderous excitement of electric rock 'n' roll music blare from the Bowie’s stage. As one of Nashville’s favorites, Bowie’s is a live music venue with a rock 'n’ roll problem that features nightly events, rock n’ roll tribute bands, live music, and drink specials.

Located just a block from the famous Printers Alley district and the AT&T Building known as the ‘Batman Building,’ the iconic lightning bolt of Bowie’s Nashville glows in the night welcoming visitors to a unique downtown experience and marks the spot where the energy, the music, and the vibe of rock 'n' roll music live and breathe forever.

Bowies Live Music Venue Rock n Roll Bar


With a friendly, accommodating, and exuberant staff ready to help you rock on, Bowie’s Nashville welcomes visitors and Nashville locals alike to enjoy the history of the edgy music genre through live rock ‘n’ roll music performances. "Our staff likes to have a good time and wants to make sure each guest leaves with rock n roll in their hearts," says Bowie’s management. Patrons are welcome to enjoy the memorable atmosphere and indulge in the rock ‘n’ roll experience right in the heart of Nashville. 

​Bowie’s Nashville opened on February 28, 2020, inspired to provide Music City with a premier rock ’n’ roll joint that honors the past, welcomes today’s legends, and provides a home for those getting their start. Bowie’s Nashville encompasses the true spirit of rock ’n’ roll, from living fast to playing hard. "When it comes down to it," says Bowie’s staff, "we don’t just live for the weekends; we live it every night!"

​One of the beautiful aspects about Nashville is that you never know who you’ll see performing on stage, including Derek St. Holmes, famed vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist for Ted Nugent, who wrote Cat Scratch Fever, performing during the opening weekend of Bowie’s Nashville. Also gracing the stage are local and touring musicians from bands like Accept, Staind, Vixen, and a slew of others we have all grown up listening to. "People love the rock atmosphere here," says Bowie's folk, "and the staff continues to provide the hospitality needed to ensure a return visit."

"With every new act that Bowie’s attracts and the plethora of A--List talent that is home to Bowie's, we have become Nashville's new rock’ n' roll venue," adds Bowie’s management. Lunch and dinner throughout the week will feature a local cover band or house band. Bowie’s Nashville has a great resume of rock legends and rising stars who perform at the venue. In the world's Music City, Nashville, TN, Bowies is where all aspiring rock artists get their feet wet and aspire to be like the famous rock bands that Bowie's showcases. When you want to hear rock music in Nashville, come on out to Bowie’s Nashville. Where rock n’ roll never dies and is always on stage! #ROCKONNASHVILLE

Where else can you get a dessert called “She’s My Cherry Pie?”

Bowies Rock n Roll Music Venue Downtown

We have ‘Rock ’n’ Roll” backed draft beer selection.

The stairwell has the opening rift for 'Stairway to Heaven' by Led Zeppelin

The building was originally built as a brick showroom for masonry construction and displays. Hence, the decorative brick wall ornamentation, hosting the bra-covered elk head. Feel free to add yours too! Nope, we don’t mean more bricks!

“American Woman” is a drink w/Cathead vodka. Cathead vodka includes a charity, giving back to musicians.

We’re a short walk from Lower Broadway! Perfect place to kick back for a game or rock well into the night.

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