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Santa's Secret Getaway in Nashville, TN

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Let's be honest EVERYONE needs a drink during a busy holiday season. Even Saint Nick! At the top of his list each year, he adds Bowie's Nashville as the place where he can get a little naughty. Can you blame him with the delicious drinks we pour, the burgers we flip, and the rock 'n' roll we play nightly? So whether you wanna be nice or naughty, make Bowie's Nashville your holiday celebration to get away from the hustle and bustle.

Holiday Drinks in Nashville:

Jack Honey Yule Mule - Comet and Blitzen knock a few of our Jack Honey Yule Mules back after a long night delivering presents. Made with Jack Honey, Ginger Beer, and Cranberry Juice!

Winterberry Cocktail - Get in the spirit of things with a Winterberry Cocktail. Comprised of Orange Vodka, Cranberry, Ginger Beer, a Splash of Elderflower Liquor, Roses Lime, and an Orange Twist. YUM!

The Grinch - The mean one has his own drink at Nashville's downtown rock 'n' roll venue. Green in color, you can find Melon Liquor, Rum or Vodka (your choice), 7up, and Maraschino Cherry in this Holiday drink.

Mistletoe Margarita - Get loose before your holiday kiss with our Mistletoe Margarita! Same ingredients as a typical margarita with some cranberry juice to get you in the festive mood.

Reindeer Games in Nashville:

Rudolph will always be welcome upstairs at Bowie's Nashville for some reindeer games! There is a pool table, shuffleboard, and plenty of arcade games for anyone looking to play between sips.

In case you need more:

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